Archival inkjet print on lustre paper
“Not seeing anything intelligible is the new normal. Information is passed on as a set of signals that cannot be picked up by human senses. Contemporary perception is machining to a large degree... Electric charges, radio waves, light pulses encoded by machines for machines are zipping by at slightly subluminal speed. ...Doesn’t it look like a shimmering surface of water in the evening sun? Is this perhaps the ‘sea of data’ itself? An overwhelming body of water, which one could drown in? Can you see the waves moving ever so slightly?”

- Hito Steyerl, “A Sea of Data: Apophenia and Pattern (Mis-)Recognition,” Duty Free Art, #72 (2016).

The series of prints, VHS GLITCHES, arises as a new step in Hangen’s artistic process which continues to study technological artifacts in visual archives and is concerned with the limits of an image when translated into a variety of devices and substrates. In this series, screenshots of VHS noise are stretched, morphed and otherwise distorted as a way to “open” the visual noise that is inherent in magnetic tape technology. The result is an abstract image of lines and colors that are embedded in the original screenshot of the VHS tape, but quite removed from the traditional nostalic aestheic of most VHS imagery.

It is a practice of reworking images and non-images that exist in magnetic substrates; an explosion of the archive and a ripping open of visual static. A reimagination of technological nostalgia, de-romanticizing a VHS tape and its huella tecnológica.

Magnetic malleability, floating artifacts in a morphing lo-if realm, a pleasant noise.