A Memory Held in You

Organized by Allegra Hangen and Alex Jacobsen
Performers: Gayle Rocz, Isabella Starkey-Meier
Workshop: Jay Kramer

Amplify Arts Generator Space, Omaha, NE
May 2020

Immersive installation. Multi-channel digital video, sound, televisions, speakers, curtains, glass.

“Memory is that of the body that passed; memory is the trace of a wave goodbye made with a slightly clenched fist.”
- Robert Morris

Positioning itself between the practices of expanded cinema, performance, and meditative listening, A Memory Held in You seeks to build a layered memory, at once individual and collective, among the viewers and within the gallery space. Organized and curated by Allegra Hangen and Alex Jacobsen, the show makes visible the memory of performance.

A Memory Held in You looks to find a better way to retain an experience in memory; maybe a “better” memory isn’t a sharper or more exact one, rather, maybe a “better” memory is held in the movement of an arm, in an echoing vibration, in mediation, or in a glimpse of a symbol that connects you back to the present.

Participating artists will perform a collaborative and interdisciplinary performance that mixes sound art, live visuals, and modern dance. Any props or pieces that were moved or interacted with during the performance are left in their place for the remaining six weeks of the exhibit, showing a trace of what occurred within the space. A drone resonates from the speakers, a dull cumulation of all sounds made during the performance.