Desde Afuera / From the Outside

Curated by: Fortuna (Enero y Abril and Allegra Hangen)
Hosted by: Amplify Arts, Omaha, NE
Dates: June 10 - 24, 2022

Participating artists:  Maritza N. Estrada, El Pinche Barrendero, Sonia Madrigal, Obed N. Sánchez-Liborio, Marcia Santos

Poster design: Humberto Vanhuten
Photos: Fortuna

Desde Afuera (From the Outside) is a collective exhibition with works by artists who live in Mexico and Omaha, curated by the project Fortuna. The pieces included reflect on the imaginary lines that divide the spaces we inhabit, questioning current mobility processes and their implications. Fortuna is based on the need to generate meeting points, forming an exchange between two specific geographies, but in reality we are faced with obstacles, blockades, and sometimes absurd limits that make international movement impossible, even when this has been previously facilitated. Desde Afuera was programmed as a reaction against this bureaucratic limitation. The included artists cross, criticize and question the visible and invisible borders that generate the impossibility of a continuous flow across them.

From Fortuna’s posture, we ask ourselves how to continue with these exchanges, how to bring the artists that are part of our network together, how to make their works and their reflections present, to open a space, a crack that allows flow in the face of these blockades.