Tráfico de Bondades / Kindness Contraband

Curated by: Fortuna (Enero y Abril and Allegra Hangen)
Hosted by: PACE, Council Bluffs, IA
Dates: June 16, 2023 - August 19, 2023

Participating artists:  Alex O’Hanlon, Blake Weld, Dani Escamilla, Ian Tredway, Jorge Bordello, Lee Emma Running, Obed Sánchez-Liborio, Semillero de Artes Vivas, Valeria Montoya, Virgilio Rodríguez, Yessica Díaz

Poster design: Pável Zayas
Photos: Joey Carter

Mixing concepts around agriculture, technology, migration and the body, the exhibition Tráfico de Bondades / Kindness Contraband seeks to form a visual conversation between diverse artists in the Omaha and Mexico City regions.

The concept for the exhibition has grown from the exchange between two of Fortuna’s artists in residence, Mexico City’s Valeria Montoya and Omaha’s Alex O’Hanlon. Over the short time since they’ve met each other, metaphors around corporeality and agriculture have come to the fore, namely the seed as a body that crosses borders. The exhibition also considers biodiversity as a symbol of resistance and spectulates about the future and its potential technologies that merge agriculture with virtuality.

Fortuna poses this curatorial idea as a way to convoke and unite artists who share a mutual concern for the past and future of this planet, for marginalized bodies in movement, and who acknowledge that food rights are essential elements of a sustainable future.

Fortuna has received generous support for this show from the Populus Fund via the Union for Contemporary Art/The Andy Warhol Foundation, and PACE (Pottawattamie Arts, Culture and Entertainment). Thank you to these organizations and to all participating artists.