Susurros de Virtudes Profundísimas: Rosita Relámpago / Whispers of Such Profound Virtues: Rosita Relámpago

Curated by: Fortuna (Enero y Abril and Allegra Hangen)
Hosted by: Amplify Arts, Omaha, NE
Dates: June 10 - 24, 2022
Public program: June 16, 2022

Participating artist:  Rosita Relámpago

Poster design: Humberto Vanhuten
Photos: Fortuna

“My work is about symbols; just out of reach of a fixed meaning, whether drawing or clay  works (often extra-semiotic with a fluid, playful seriousness), these symbols constitute my journey into the magical.

For me, this boundary is an important one. The gesture of form in a symbol provides the suggestion of a path where all worlds can meet, both the visible and the unseen. The intent is an abstraction, a buzzing constantly going on around me (like a moth’s jerking motion through the air), all collected into a complete atmosphere. Something I am not sure I can possess.

The elements are between earth and water (clay), fixed by uncivilized fire, on the mountaintop above a forest. I am comfortable with the body of the fire. This is where I find myself. An aquarius, of the air but a water-bearer.

Higher forces can enter or be condensed. Generally, the works start as a complete sigil received from the outside, drawn small, folded in half for symmetry. There is a complex relationship with the visionary act that I’m still discovering: what is created somehow also takes place in the body.

I’m always going back to the cosmovisions of pre-hispanic cultures and their relationship with vessels; whether for drinking specific substances or a divine something that enters into your body from another body. Something nebular and electric, with phosphorescent colors, not unlike an old sensation of angels.”

- Rosita Relámpago, artist-in-residence at Fortuna