Land Meditation Expanded: Folsom Point


Archival inkjet prints on lustre paper, dye sublimation on polyester, metal, sound.
The photographs and “expanded photograph” that make up the series, Land Meditation Expanded, focus on Folsom Point, a nature preserve in Council Bluffs, Iowa that has been a personal site of meditation, wonderment, release, and retreat for Hangen since 2019.

The pieces in this series reflect the spontaneity and surprise that she experiences at Folsom Point and her acceptance of error in the creative process. These photographs were taken on 35mm film; some mechanical malfunction that happened in the camera while advancing the film made each shot overlap onto the next. This error unexpectedly created an entire roll of film that superimposes fragments of hills, trees, and dry grass into a linear collage of an impossible landscape.

The printed photographs are various fragments of the roll of film. The“expanded photograph” is the entire roll of film printed on a long translucent fabric which hangs in a semicircle in the center of the room. The fabric moves with the vibrations of the accompanying sound piece that collages together the low hum of the processing plant machines, wind, crunching leaves, birds, breath—creating an expanded, fragmented experience of a body that is searching for clarity in this imaginary landscape.